Silky straight. Slightly wavy. Soft Coils. Kinky curly. There are as many different hair types as there are women who own them. Today, women of color are being inspired to own their natural texture...but that doesn't mean they naturally love it. Whether you choose to relax your curls or embrace your natural tresses, you want hair that has movement, life, silky softness and shine.

Silk Elements is a complete collection of hair care created especially for dry, damaged or uncontrollable hair with a mind of its own. Formulated with a rich complex of natural moisturizing ingredients, strengthening proteins and pure conditioning oils, each shampoo, conditioner and specific styling treatment smoothes hair's cuticle and impart nutrient-rich hydration. Luxuriously rich formulas promote growth, minimize breakage and make it easy for you to manage your style. The days of conforming are over. Own your style, look your best and always be an individual.



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